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What is the best food at Song Restaurant through customer reviews ? - Vietnamese Restaurant 80227 / Chinese Restaurant 80227 / Pho Restaurant

What is the best food at Song Restaurant through customer reviews? Let's check out why they like it - Vietnamese Restaurant 80227 / Chinese Restaurant 80227 / Pho Restaurant

Song Restaurant - Vietnamese Restaurant/ Chinese Restaurant/ Pho in Harvey Park South Denver, CO 80227

"I had a very difficult time ordering because the interaction with the person that I had, didn’t speak or understand English, Although he did try his best and was very nice. The PHÓ was a very light flavor and spice. I really like a lot of flavor in the broth with the meat and the onions. The owner's name is Camera, he came out of the kitchen and pretty much explained to me that the demographics of the location really don’t like spice, basil, or mint, some don’t really care for the cilantro. We had a great and a long conversation I really liked him and his passion. The entranceway had a lot to be desired but once I walked into the restaurant it was very nice, organized and very clean.
Although the portions of bean sprouts and basil were very small, I am excited to go back and try other things on the menu. Camera explained to me his most popular things on the menu that he likes to eat, I am looking forward to it, so I WOULD go back."

(4/5 stars - Cindy L)

"pho and the atmosphere at this location is great. service is always timely even when they have a full house. definitely worth going back to. bring your hunger - portions are large. they have a lot of positive reviews for a reason."

(5/5 star - G Pollard)

Pho and the feeling at this spot is excellent. this location is one of my favorites. service is consistently great. this place has a cool design."

(5/5 stars - Eli M)

"pho and the scene here is great. staff is always super even when they have a full house. i've had nothing but great experiences here and will keep coming back. it has a cool feel to it. similar to a cafe in las vegas i liked."

(5/5 stars - Deanna3 H)

One of my top locations for delicious pho. A preferred evening place. It has a great interior."

(5/5 stars - Haley A)

"pho, mmm, awesome. Great location to chill, eat some good food. Fast and courteous service. The bill was good for what you get."

(5/5 stars - Mikayla Reilly)

"Great scene for tasty pho. The food was super appetizing. The service was sociable and attentive. Like a restaurant in Washington I loved."

(5/5 stars - Camden1 F)

"Pho, mmm, super satisfying. the food was tasty. bring your appetite because portions are large."

(5/5 stars - Greyson Fleming)

"My preferred place for pho. Great place to meet and catch up with friends."

(5/5 stars - Donald Hanna)

"Great atmosphere and great service! The food is good also, I recommend trying the pho. The broth is very flavorful and authentic."

(5/5 stars - Long Ung)

"The service is amazing! The staff is friendly and accommodating. The food is delicious and the plates are big enough to have leftovers. Their Pho is great, however, their shrimp curry is also worth trying!"