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Song Restaurant - Vietnamese Restaurant/ Chinese Restaurant/ Pho in Harvey Park South Denver, CO 80227

definitely stop for the iced coffee so good!! All in all hidden gem. you may wait a little while because there is only one server on the floor. He does basically everything. Food is quality and will definitely go grab another coffee before I leave!"

(5/5 star - Philip M)

"pho and the atmosphere at this location is great. service is always timely even when they have a full house. definitely worth going back to. bring your hunger - portions are large. they have a lot of positive reviews for a reason."

(5/5 star - G Pollard)

I was just here with my family. The service here is phenomenal! The food is amazing. We had tried the combination pho, which had a very flavorful broth. We also tried the combination of rice and combination noodles.

What makes this place so different than most Vietnamese restaurants around the area is that they grill the meat to order. Rather than already having it out and made. The wait for it is longer but how can anyone deny juicy fresh meat??

If you are in the Bear Valley area try this place out!"

(5/5 star - Charline Nguyen)

"If I could give his restaurant 10 stars, I would. The food is amazing, the service is always friendly, and it's always clean. Food for two with an appetizer and a 20% tip comes out to around $30. Seriously, 10/10 stars."

(5/5 star - Brandon Kile)

"pho and the scene here is great. staff is always super even when they have a full house. i've had nothing but great experiences here and will keep coming back. it has a cool feel to it. similar to a cafe in las vegas i liked."

(5/5 star - Deanna3 H)

"pho, mmm, awesome. Great location to chill, eat some good food. Fast and courteous service. The bill was good for what you get."

(5/5 star - Mikayla Reilly)

"I have been coming for over 2 years!!! Great food and the service is amazing!!! Camera and Hung are so sweet and will treat everyone very nicely and respectfully. The egg rolls are amazing!! Also satisfied with the food, they never disappoint."

(5/5 star - Vania Anderson)

"Great food and they have a classic, comfy booths. Along with free tea when you sit, they have a friendly staff that would make me want to stop the next time I pass by."

(5/5 star - Daniel Dorritie)

"The food is absolutely delicious and the staff is incredible! My ten-month-old son was being fussy during dinner and the waiter offered to hold him so that I could eat!! How amazing! He was so sweet to him! It's rare to find such kindness!!"

(5/5 star - Kathleen Esparza)

"I took my family here after getting a haircut at the Great Clips next door and I was not only pleasantly surprised but, pretty blown away! This is NOT a fast food place (as I had expected it to be), this is a restaurant and a nice one at that. The staff was friendly and inviting and quickly seated us and provided us with menus. The prices are fair considering this is fresh food and not fast food, it's about what you'd expect for a legitimate restaurant. The decor and ambiance is fantastic and it's a shame they keep the blinds closed because, from the outside, you'd have no idea that such a fancy restaurant resided between a Great Clips and a Goodwill.

I ordered the Chicken Pad Thai and it was DIVINE. My family ordered chicken fried rice and teriyaki chicken respectively and these dishes were also the best we've had in a while. I'm so happy I discovered this place and I can't wait to try it again. They also have Boba!

5/5 stars and I'm excited to return! This one's a real hidden gem."

(5/5 stars - Jonathan Deaton)

"LOVE this place. Fantastic Egg rolls, great food overall, very reasonable prices. They have a large variety of Asian cuisines, can't wait to try more. The delivery guy was very nice. Seriously worth giving this place a shot."

(5/5 star - Cait Gamble)

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